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Duties that we do is cleaning of the bathrooms, moving everything and cleaning behind everything.
Thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing the shower cubicle for mould and soap scum. This also includes cleaning of the shower tracks and soap dish. Cleaning around and on and polishing of taps and all silverware.Cleaning of basin we move and clean behind everything including around the taps and thoroughly cleaning the drain hole. Cleaning of the toilet is cleaned very thoroughly which includes cleaning behind the toilet and around the bottom of the toilet. The end result is a sparkling bathroom.

Cleaning of the kitchen again everything is moved and cleaned behind and toaster, jug etc is cleaned and polished . Exhaust fan on top and bottom of is cleaned and polished. All outside cupboards and oven is cleaned and polished. Stove top is cleaned and polished including the surrounds of the hotplates, kitchen sink is scrubbed and polished. Window sill and inside of kitchen window is cleaned. End result a sparkling kitchen.

Dusting all things are moved and dusted behind .Objects are tidied while being cleaned examples coffee table and cushions are plumped and placed in an orderly way. Skirting boards and windowsills and light switches are cleaned.

Vacuuming of floors , all easily movable objects are moved and vacuumed behind. Spider webs are gotten rid of and vacuuming under the beds and vacuuming behind doors is a part of our duties.

Mopping of floors for wood floors especially is done with a dry mop so excess water is not evident. Mopping is done thoroughly starting with the kitchen first and attentively looking for stains on the floor. End result a sparkling house

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