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Domestic Cleaner Braddon

Proud Cleaning has been operating as a professional domestic cleaner Braddon service for many years. Our domestic cleaning services are hassle free and guarantee satisfactory results each and every time.

Domestic Cleaner Braddon by Proud Cleaning

Professional Domestic Cleaner Braddon

When you want to ensure your home looks spic and span, you must have certain things cleaned on a regular basis. These things include bathroom and kitchen cleaning, vacuuming floors, mopping floors and dusting. Hiring a regular cleaning service, ensures your home is always in new condition. Our cleaners will thoroughly clean any areas required, getting into the nooks and crannies.

Domestic Cleaner Braddon by Proud Cleaning

Weekly Domestic Cleaning Tasks

Some of the important tasks that your cleaner must carry out every week including changing the bed sheets, vacuuming and mopping, cleaning the toilets and the bathroom, wiping the kitchen appliances like the fridge, kettle and toaster, wiping the mirrors, scrubbing the bathroom surface, sanitising the sponges, cleaning the inside of the oven (microwave or convection), dusting the furniture, tossing all sort of expired food and dusting the furniture.

A lot of these things would begin to collect dust if left unchecked for more than a week. So be sure to carry out these things on a weekly basis. You can always hire our cleaning services in Braddon to make the job stress-free.

Monthly Cleaning

These tasks are usually taken up only when the need arises. At the very best, be sure to have these things cleaned at least once a month. These include wiping the kitchen cupboards from the front, dusting the light fixtures, cleaning the blinds and windows, vacuuming the bed mattress, woodwork and vents, and clearing out any unwanted items from the refrigerator.

Infrequent Cleaning

These are tasks that can be carried out once every 3 to 6 months. These include cleaning the refrigerator from the inside, cleaning the inside of the oven, cleaning out the freezer, vacuuming the mattress, cleaning the kitchen range hood, washing the shower curtain, washing pillows, descaling your coffee maker and freshening up the drains.

Professional Domestic Cleaning Services Canberra Wide

Proud Cleaning Canberra offers professional, reliable and affordable cleaning services in Braddon. With years of experience in the industry, we assure you of a high quality job. We also offer lease clean services for real estate agents Braddon and the surrounding areas.

When you are looking for a domestic cleaner in Braddon, look no further. We assure you of a premium job and complete attention to detail. Contact us today to book a cleaning service. Give us a call today on 0414 809 466 or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.


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